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Medina Gun Show

The Medina Gun Show was started in 1978. Since then, thousands of people, just like you, have enjoyed coming to Medina to exercise their Second Amendment Right. It is just a 45 minute ride from Akron or Cleveland to The Medina Gun Show. The Medina Gun Show is held in one modern building, which is heated and air conditioned. There are 450 tables of displays. Several show exhibitors have participated at The Medina Show for over twenty five years.

Used pistols for saleFor everyone's safety, no loaded firearms are allowed in the building. All firearms brought into the building are checked to confirm they are not loaded and then "tied". All firearms on exhibitor's tables are restrained in some way. Guns are restrained by being in a glass case, by rope or wire tied. All State and Federal firearms laws are vigorously enforced. You must be 18 years old to purchase a long gun and 21 years old to purchase a handgun.

It does not matter whether you are a home owner; a collector or an investor, there is a firearm there for you.

If you are a home owner or an individual that wants a gun for home or self protection, there are numerous options. It is hard to beat a Remington 870 for home defense. Need a gun for concealed carry? A Glock or Smith & Wesson could be a life saver. You will find a wide variety at the Medina Gun Show!

Are you a collector? The Medina Gun Show has a nice selection of old Colts and fine Winchesters. Are you a knife collector? There are sure to be many Case pocket knives and other brands. Do you want a custom knife? There are some there, including some custom knife makers.

The "stock market" could be doing a lot better, therefore some people invest their money in firearms. The return on investment has been much higher the last several years and you can also enjoy the ownership of the firearm. Antiques as well as Class III firearms can be found at The Medina Gun Show. The selection is different at each show.

Please do not think that we forgot the military collector, hunter or target shooter!

The military collector will find patches, pins, parts of uniforms, surplus, bayonets and military firearms. USA and Powers from all over the world can be represented. Items from the Civil War, World War I & II, Korea and Vietnam have been added to someone's collection when they attended The Medina Gun Show. Do you need parts for your AR15, stripper clips for your M1 Garand or a magazine for your 1911 Government Model? The part you need may be at the next Medina Gun Show.

Used and antique riflesAre you a hunter? It does not matter if you are hunting elephant in Africa, grizzly bear in Alaska, white tail deer in Pennsylvania or rabbits in Ohio, you can find the right size firearm at The Medina Gun Show. Bolt action, lever action, pump action; the selection is sure to please.

Target shooters can buy their ammunition by the box or save even more money and buy by the case! You will find a wide selection of brands, from Abercrombie’s Custom Ammo to Wolf’s factory loaded ammo. If you prefer to "roll your own", you can find bullets, primers and a large selection of powder! Need something to shoot at? You will find paper targets and steel targets for shooting at close range or long distance.

If you decide to "sell off" your personal collection or have your FFL, contact us about being an exhibitor at an upcoming Medina Gun Show. Your display must be guns or gun show related. This is not a show for "flea market" items. Thousands of potential customers will stop at your table during the two day event! You will have the opportunity to sell to more customers then most small private businesses see in a year! The pricing and salesmanship is still up to you. You will be required to conduct your business in a safe and courteous manner for your benefit and the benefit of all attendees. Exhibiting is not just about selling! Some individuals setup at the show looking to enhance their collection. Just as people walk by your table looking to buy something, some are looking to sell. They may be selling that rare gun you have been searching for.

As an attendee or an exhibitor, please join us at The Medina Gun Show!