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Medina Flea Market

The Medina Flea Market of Collectables was started in 1977. It is normally held on the third Sunday of the month (but does vary, so check the schedule). It was started by and for individuals who like collectables. It was never meant to be a common flea market with socks and sun glasses. We all understand that a collectable is normally something we had as a child or wanted when we were younger! It may be also something that our mother "pitched"!

The items at the monthly Market are constantly changing and people arrive early for best selection! This Collectable Market can be a trip down memory lane. You may see the lunch box you had as a child or that type of old jewelry that your Great Aunt Bessie wore!

It is always interesting to look at old post cards and you will normally find a good selection at The Medina Flea Market of Collectables. Many tell a story of a perceived, wondrous or exotic vacation. Normally a post card has a picture of places or things from our youth, maybe even a "beach beauty". Pictures of old gas stations, restaurants and vacation locations help connect us to our past.

Pottery, depression glass and Fenton glass are all represented at this Market. The colorful pottery and beautiful Fenton glass are great representations of the artistry created along the Ohio River. They are a great way to accent areas in your home! The items made there today are instant collectables.

Medina County Flea Market & CollectablesFurniture from a bygone era can add that sparkle to your home. A chair with beautiful caning and a roll top desk make a stunning addition to your home office.

In these turbulent times some people are purchasing old coins. Silver and gold coins are always desirable. You may find the coin you have been looking for or make a connection with someone who knows another purveyor of coins. In collecting, half the fun is in the "chase".

Comic books, toys, old tools, gas memorabilia or old sea chests are all expected at The Medina Flea Market of Collectables. The selection changes every month, but again, the fun is in the "chase"!

EBay offers a lot of convenience, but nothing beats holding the item in your hand and forming your own opinion on its condition. You can do that The Medina Flea Market of Collectables and then take it home to enjoy.

November thru March the market is held inside only. The warmer months of April thru October the Medina Flea Market of Collectables is held inside and outside. The criteria for outside display are less stringent. If your collection has grown to "over flowing" and it is time to cutback, contact us about a spot at the next Market. You will have the opportunity to offer your collectable to individuals with interests just like yours.